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CANATEK has been founded in 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey to provide integrated systems with state-of-the-art technology products and innovative engineering solutions to manufacturing industries.

In close cooperation with customers and business partners, CANATEK develops solutions for superior productivity and quality.

Canatek expanded operations in 2011 in UAE with opening office in Dubai and 2013 in Saudi arabia in Dammam.

Focus of Canatek is to increase ergonomic in manufacturing industries by innovative engineering solutions in material handling and line supply chain to prepare more comfortable and safe production environments.

Range of products and services includes aluminum rail systems, cranes, lift and move machines, manipulators, articulated arms, complete gripping systems and clamping solutions for holding workpieces.

Align with new technology trend by integration Industrial 4.0 concepts, robotics, pick to light and automation to material handling equipment, Canatek can provide advanced solutions for customers new demands. 

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Canatek founded in Istanbul-Atashehir office.
Canatek office was opened in UAE.
Canatek office was opened in Saudi Arabia
Canatek workshop was opened in Istanbul-Tuzla
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10 years of sustainable services to customers.
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