Movomech AB

Offers innovative products and solutions within lifting technology and material handling, as well as distribution sales of the Movomech product range. With head office and production facilities in Kristianstad, Sweden, Movomech is a principled, self-contained enterprise in the area of lifting technology.
All of our products are developed and manufactured on our premises in Kristianstad.
The product portfolio of Movomech AB includes a first class aluminium overhead rail system, cranes, advanced industrial manipulators, pneumatic balancers, chain hoists and standardized end effectors.
Through our own distributors and our collaboration with the rest of the sales channels of the Sunnex Group, we are well represented the world over.

In-house production
We have throughout the last 20 years developed a complete range of modular products for material handling, with the latest technology in design, materials and control. The products can be used as separate units or be integrated in system solutions.