Gedik Welding

GEDIK WELDING was established in 1963 and manufactures about 90.000 tons/year of covered welding electrodes, gas metal arc , submerged arc , flux cored type welding wires , rectifiers, gas metal arc, submerged arc welding machines, inverter type welding machines and welding generators. The company also does manufacturing and selling that are geared for both domestic and overseas markets in the field of welding automations. GEDiK WELDING is the leading industrial establishment of Turkey in the field of welding.

The company manufactures a wide range of products which include welding consumables which have the trademark GEKA and welding machines that have the trademark GeKaMac. These are our international and registered trademarks produced at the company’s plants that are set up on a 75.000 square meter area in Istanbul.

GEDIK WELDING continues its efforts with after-sales service, education, spare parts and services both inside and outside of the country along with its welding materials manufacturing activities. These efforts for customers are being carried out with the experience of many years and prepared to practice around the clock as a solution partner. GEDIK WELDING has the ability to manufacture special products using alternative solutions along the lines of customers’ requests and delivering these products at the desired time.